Silly Goose Lounge has been a beacon for the community of Downtown Memphis since it opened its doors in 2009. Now in its latest incarnation as Silly Goose , its new owners, all lifelong industry professionals, and old friends, have breathed new life into this iconic space. Its historical integrity and sense of community remain firmly in tact,but now complemented by an elevated selection of modern Italian cuisine and world-class cocktails. Silly Goose is a cocktail lounge and workshop where you could effortlessly go back in time and taste the finest bespoke cocktails and
high-end spirits.


Weekly Schedule

MON –  THU Happy Hour  4PM -6PM

THU –  80’s Night DJ  after 9PM

FRI – Flip Night  7PM – 10PM

FRI – Rotating DJs after  9PM

SAT – Rotating DJs after 9PM